Single implant (Single tooth placement) Korean Standard 4 5 0 0 0 Thai Baht Special for direct booking via website only!!!
Professional Cleaning and Polishing by EMS - Air-Flow® All included for 1500 THB.
Porcelain Veneer by Emax First 13,000 Baht, next 10,000 Baht/ tooth All included: *doctor fee *sterilization fee *local anesthetic *preparation and cementation
ANKYLOS single Implant 65000 Baht replace the missing tooth professionaly and permanently All included: *doctor fee *sterilization fee *local anesthetic *titanium implant *healing cap *abutment *Zirconium or Palladium Crown
Power Bleaching by Opalescence 5,500 THB

Everyone deserves all treatments conducted with high technology but we strongly believe that the treatment with friendship is also important for our patients.

The idea of 'strict sterilization' must be provided along with a warmly friendship to our patients.

dental instruments, handpieces, all the surface of dental unit and the room are sterilized beyond the guidline of the internation sterilization protocol after each use .

Gloves, masks, saliva suctions are disposable. Our dentists and dental team disposed all of them after each treatment to prevent the risk of cross-infection.

Though this could be a very high cost, we are ready and won't hesitate to be a part of the most sterilized dental clinic for you.

Feel free to call us for any further questions or inquiries. You can speak with Ms. Shanya (Khun Shanya) to discuss your need and make the reservation at 080-1425588.

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  • Kandh Langkapin, DDS

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 10am. - 4pm.
  • Suchart Jee-Mul, DDS

    on request
  • Shanya Langkapin (Clinic Manager/ International Patient Coordinator)

    Friday from 10am. - 5pm.
  • PhaoLap Prabchanapong, DDS

    Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am- 6pm